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Top 5 Core Workouts

Building up your abs and working out your core is one of the most overlooked exercises. People love to mainly focus their workouts on cardio, upper body, or legs and they forget all about their abdominal area, torso, and lower back. A reason for this may be because it takes a much longer time and requires more work to build up muscle in your core than it would in other parts of your body. With these top-of-the-line core exercises, you shouldn’t have a problem in getting a toned, chiseled core.

#1 –Bird Dog

This exercise may not be well known through the fitness world but it is a vital exercise for core stability due to it’s multiple functions. The Bird Dog improves coordination and it focuses on your core, while also working your glutes and shoulders. It is a cross between a superman and a plank because you are holding a pushup position as you extend opposite leg and arm at the same time as far as you can while maintaining balance. The balance of this workout is what works the core hard and makes it such a crucial workout for that area.

#2 – Bicycle Crunches

Doing crunches is a well known way to build up a strong core. But, bicycle crunches will strengthen your abs even more. First, get on your back on a flat surface and put your hands behind your head. Secondly, raise your legs at the knees and bend them at a 90 degree angle. Alternate by bringing your left elbow to your right knee, and vice versa. Almost as if you’re riding an invisible bike. Be sure to focus and move at a slower pace, which helps you get the most out of this exercise. As with all core exercises, keep the core engaged and tight throughout the workout for the full effect.

#3 – Cable Rotation

Unlike the last two workouts, this one will require the use of some minor exercise equipment. All you need is a rubber exercise cable. Form a strong stance, and grab the cable on each end and hold it out in front of you at around shoulder length. Tighten up your abs and core, then start to rotate your body from the left to center, then right to center. The standard amount of reps for this workout are around 8-10.

#4 – Vertical Chair Knee Raise

As for this exercise, you may need to be signed up to a gym to be able to do it such as JD’s Personal Training Studio, unless you have the proper chair machine to perform the workout on. Make sure your back and shoulders are perfectly straight and perfect while in the chair. Then, put your arms on the cushioned armrests for added support. Now, here comes the hard part. Keep raising your bent knees up and down past your waistline, and soon enough you will feel it. For added difficulty, you can make your legs go straight out while doing it, or even add a weight in between your ankles.

#5 –Swiss-Ball Rollout

This workout requires you to have a Swiss workout ball or a heavy medicine ball. Start by kneeling on a matt or soft surface with your hands are on the ball. Now, keep your back completely straight, tighten up your abs yet again, and then roll the ball as far out as possible. Then, roll it back towards you. This exercise is safe for your lower back, and if you want an added challenge; roll the ball out to each side as well to help work your obliques.

Core Workouts in New Jersey

All of these core workouts will surely make you feel the burn. If you do even a few of these a day, in time your abs and other muscles will start to show. If you’re interested in having a personal trainer assist you and show you other exercises as well, contact JD Core Training for more information.

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