Evaluating Our Fitness Clients

Every successful fitness journey begins with a structured starting point. At JD Core, we take the time to meet with each of our clients, and conduct an initial fitness consultation and evaluation for each of them.

This first step allows us to truly understand who they are, where they are coming from and what they wish to accomplish going forward. Our fitness consultation and evaluation is a necessary service that is provided before a personal or group training program starts, so that the personal trainer can effectively work with his or her client, taking into consideration their current fitness level and health.

Body and Health Analysis in New Jersey

During the first part of the fitness consultation and evaluation, a JD Core professional trainer will take several measurements of your body. This allows us to record your body fat analysis, body composition, body circumference and weight, so that we can track your progress and find the parts of the body that need to be focused on specifically.

An associate will then ask you to describe your medical history, in order to gain some insight on any health issues or concerns we need to look out for during your workouts, or any challenges that you might possibly face on your fitness journey.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment in New Jersey

Proper nutrition is just as important as exercise when undergoing a full body transformation. For this reason, we take a look at your daily diet routine – including how often you eat and what you eat.

This plays a large role when we establish our JD Shred Nutrition Program with a client, since we need to balance out their nutritional needs accordingly. A client’s lifestyle will also be assessed during their fitness consultation and evaluation. We will ask questions that allow us to gauge just how active a client is, and what they are capable of doing physically during a workout.

Fitness Goal Identification and Planning    

Based on what we’ve learned in a client’s fitness consultation and evaluation, a JD Core professional trainer will be able to proactively create a fitness and nutrition plan for you, based off of your current health, fitness level and body measurements.

During this final stage of the fitness consultation and evaluation, we will also work with clients to establish their short and long term health, wellbeing and fitness goals. This is a critical part of the process, and sets the tone for the personal or group training session they will workout in.