JDFIT8 is a high intensity fitness program that combines’ resistance and intense cardio exercises to shred body fat and shape your PHYSIQUE.


The JDFIT8 program incorporates 8 primary exercises including upper, lower & core strength training and total body cardio movements to burn calories and build lean muscle.


JDFIT8 Includes:

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Fitness Consultations and Evaluations
  • Body Fat Analysis & Measurements
  • JD Shred Nutrition Program
  • Fitness/Nutritional Coaching and Goal Setting


Group Fitness Classes are filled with energy in a positive atmosphere that will motivate you to reach your goals.


High Intensity Cardio & Functional Movements to Increase Endurance, Boost Metabolism and Burn Calories.


Strength Training to build lean muscle and improve overall strength.


Core to build a strong foundation, improve balance & Stability.


Flexibility to keep you limber and healthy while adding longevity to your fitness routine and reducing risk of injury.


Committed to the Core


*Program is based out of JD Core Training in Fairfield NJ and also available online for purchase.