How to Achieve Your Goals in Life, Health & Fitness

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Many of us have goals in life, and a common one that I encounter at JD Core Training is improving health and fitness.

Sounds easy, right? If you’ve never dieted or exercised before it can sound overwhelming. But we’re here to make it less intimidating for you.

In this article, I’ll talk about healthy eating, accountability, finding the right gym, and having a balance to help you achieve your goals in life, health and fitness.

Healthy Eating

It starts with a realistic and balanced lifestyle with a diet that works. You should eat the right foods to get fit, stay lean, hit your goals and maintain them.

No quick fixes, fad diets or cleanses that you see celebrities or “influencers” doing. A diet is a lifestyle change that will give you real, lasting results.

Eat to shred and put quality food in your body that has a purpose! Once you have balance, when it comes time to cheat your body won’t be impacted as drastically. Your body will be used to eating and burning food, and using it for energy!

At JD Core, I emphasize intermittent fasting because it works for me and works for my clients. We have all seen life-changing results!

By practicing what I preach, I’ve been able to relate to the everyday person who wants to make a change and live a healthy, active lifestyle, while still having a normal life.

Accountability is Important

I want you to get the most out of everything you are doing. When you make a big change in your life, it’s important to surround yourself around people who motivate you and hold you accountable.

That can be friends, family, a trainer, coach, or anyone else you come into contact with. Don’t be afraid to find new people, and eliminate negative influences from your circle.

This helps you stay consistent. It’s not about trying something new each week. It’s about choosing an approach and staying on track with it in order to see results.

If it doesn’t work after a sustained period of time, then you can reevaluate. You ultimately need to find what works best for you.

Finding the Right Gym

It’s also to find the right place to meet your goals in life and fitness. Look for a gym or healthcare facility with a motivating atmosphere with other like-minded members.

The support system will help you dial into your results and get the most out of what you are doing.

They should have the right equipment and programs that you need. Maybe you’re trying to put on size and need heavy barbells, or maybe you’re trying to shred fat and are looking for group fitness classes.

Having a Balance

If you’ve struggled to attain your goals in life, health, and fitness, I’m here to help. I can help you stay motivated and live a better life.

This is my purpose – to impact you positively to stay healthy, active, fit and most importantly, happy with yourself and the way you life.

But you can’t just wish for it… you have to work for it too!

Let me be that person for you who holds you accountable, who gives you healthy eating and fitness guidance to achieve your goals and make them last beyond just today.

Follow me on Instagram at @joedroz_official and ask me what you want to accomplish. Once I have the right information, I can provide you with knowledge, and together we can come up with a custom plan to set you up for success! Let’s go!!!

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