Interactive Personal Training Workouts in NJ

For those who workout harder when they have someone by their side, our buddy personal training package at JD Core is the best way to start your fitness journey. Taking place in an intimate setting with a client and their friend, each buddy personal training session is run by a personal trainer who guides the pair of workout partners through functional calorie burning strength and conditioning exercises.


Why Choose Buddy Personal Training?  

While some enjoy working out solo, others feel working out with a friend is a more effective method for them. Workout partners hold each other accountable when it comes to showing up for each session, and encourage one another during challenging exercises. Most importantly, clients feel that they are motivated even more so than usual when they work out with a friend. Our buddy personal training program creates a fun, flexible and supportive environment for workout partners to train – and even though there are two people working out, our personal trainers make sure that each person gets the attention they deserve.


Buddy Personal Training Package: What’s Included  

Both parties involved in our buddy personal training program can expect high quality workout routines catered to their specific fitness goals and needs, led by a certified personal trainer. Just like the other personal training and group training programs at JD Core Training, clients who sign up for buddy personal training will receive fitness consultations and evaluations for each member involved, as well as a body fat analysis complete with body measurements. Clients will also have access to our JD Shred Nutrition Program, and undergo fitness and nutritional coaching, so that goals can be set and achieved accordingly.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals Together

The talented team of health and fitness professionals at JD Core strive to make each and every client achieve their fitness and health goals, getting them one step closer to their own personal success. We designed the buddy personal training program to benefit both of the workout partners involved, so that friends can encourage and support one another under the direction of a certified personal trainer in a safe, friendly atmosphere. This method has proved effective, and allows clients to meet their weight loss goals, improve their performance training and their overall physique in a positive way.