Group Fitness Training

Effective Weight Loss and Performance Training in a Group Setting

Those who wish to become healthier, happier and stronger – with the help of some friendly faces and a new support system – should seriously consider JD Core’s group training program. Our personal trainers offer the most effective weight loss strategies, and plan exercises that are perfect for a group setting – all at an affordable cost, with various packages and memberships to choose from.

JD Core Group Memberships

Some clients have more free time to work out than others, which is why we provide three different membership types for our clients who choose to participate in group training. The prices and components of each membership vary from one to the next. We encourage anyone who is interested in group training to come visit the JD Core staff, so that we can better explain each one of these memberships to you. The JD Core Group memberships that clients have to select from include the Elite Training membership, the Unlimited Group Fitness Classes and the 30-90 Day Challenges.

Benefits of Group Training

For some people, exercising in a group setting has been proven to increase performance levels while working out. First and foremost, those who participate in group training are held accountable by the other members. You are all team players in group training, so it’s important that you all show up to every workout. Those who group train can also become easily motivated, since there is a high morale among the people in that kind of setting. And of course, working out in a group is an extremely fun and memorable experience that you get to share with new friends.

What’s Included in Group Training Packages

Even though clients who choose to participate in group training will have multiple people alongside them, the JD Core personal trainers still strive to give each and every client their own evaluations, nutrition plans and goal-oriented exercises.

  • Fitness Consultations and Evaluations: At the beginning of the group training program, each member of the group will undergo their own specific consultation and evaluation by the leading JD Core personal trainer.
  • Body Fat Analysis & Measurements: Group members will get their body measured and analyzed by the personal trainer prior to starting their program.
  • JD Shred Nutrition Program: Although proper nutrition is universal, we strongly believe that each client deserves his or her own plan that is customized to their current health and weight. For this reason, each group member will have access to our JD Shred Nutrition Program.
  • Fitness/Nutritional Coaching and Goal Setting: The personal trainer will act as a mentor and teacher, taking each member of the group training programs’ knowledge to the next level regarding fitness, nutrition and their own goals.


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