Athletic Flexibility Training

The Importance of Flexibility

An athlete must have a variety of traits that grant them the ability to become a fearsome player to the opposing team. Some of these attributes include traits such as relentless ambition, aggression, focus, natural talent, explosiveness, adaptability and even flexibility. Being flexible means your body is fashioned in such a way that promotes higher physical capabilities and injury avoidance. The list below will provide examples of why promoting flexibility is so important for athletes:

  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Enhanced Posture
  • Better Full-Body Balance
  • Reduces Tension and Stiffness on the Joints
  • Allows for Healthier Muscle Development
  • Reduces Serious Injury Risks
  • Reduces Soreness

Stretching Exercises for Flexibility Improvement

JD Core understands the importance of flexibility training for athletes participating in any sport. With the comprehensive benefits in mind, we craft our fitness plans to ensure milestones and achievements are fulfilled at a pace you’re comfortable with. Our flexibility programs are focused on well-performed and effective stretching exercises. The designated frequency, intensity and duration of these training activities will reward your body with capabilities once unknown to you. The program we’ll create with you will involve static and dynamic stretching both before and after workouts to promote the highest level of preparedness. JD Core will personally guide you along the path of improving your performance as an individual athlete as well as for the benefit of your team as a whole.

Flexibility Training with JDC

Being committed to the core begins with understanding your body and adopting the importance of flexibility. The athletic training programs at JD Core will sculpt a foundation of consistency to increase flexibility and build upon your existing skillset. If increasing your body’s flexibility is on your fitness to-do list, consider finding the compassionate and reinforcing support you’ll need from the personal trainers at JD Core. Take a look at our weekly fitness-training schedule to plan your workouts in advance or receive a free consultation to address your workout needs and flexibility improvement.

Athletic Performance Training in New Jersey

A common goal shared amongst athletes is maintaining on-field dominance. The body must be well conditioned and capable of performing at such a level where the athlete is prepared for any scenario. JD Core provides individual or group personal training opportunities from our Fairfield, New Jersey facility to provide athletes with the fitness resources needed to defeat their opponents and be a trusted team player. To improve your performance and rise above the competition, contact JD Core to schedule your one-of-a-kind training session.