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Many coaches throughout the nation seem to forget that in-season training is just as, if not more important, than their offseason training program. Strength and football coaches are afraid to continue a strong training regiment in fear of overworking their players during the season. In turn, they are actually not working them enough and thus losing the strength, durability and speed they gained in the off season. You need to keep up with your workout routine to continue to see results. Below are the best exercises to incorporate into your practice sessions to stay in peak physical condition during your football season.

Maintaining Strength During Football Season
Keep Practicing

Not only will consistently practicing during the season increase your technique and overall knowledge of the game, but it will also serve as a great workout. There are many physical aspects to practice that contribute to the maintenance of your strength. You must keep this in mind when planning the rest of your in-season training routine.

Durability Exercises

The season can become grueling to football players, with aches and pains all over their bodies. In order to deal with the grind, you need to incorporate durability exercises into your in-season training program. This will include exercises with safety bar squats, medicine ball exercises and explosive exercises. You have to be careful with durability exercises so that you do not add any extra stress to your body!

Keep Practicing

Body weight exercises can be just as effective on the body as weighted exercises if they are done correctly and with the right form. It adds less stress on the body, which is key for in-season training, while also maintaining the strength you worked so hard to achieve in the preseason. Workouts such as push ups, pull ups, chin-ups, dips and any core workouts are crucial during your football season.

Light and Fast Weight Training

While you want to decrease the overall stress to your body during the season, you still need to weight train to maintain your strength and size. To compensate for both sides, you can train light and fast with weights. You can do more repetitions for each exercise at a lower weight and not at maximum effort. Additionally, you should concentrate on explosive workouts because those are the most closely related to game simulations. This would include workouts like bench press, dead lift, power cleans, jerks and squats. You don’t have to eliminate explosive weight lifting from in-season training like most people might say; you just have to listen to your body and be conscious about what you are doing.

Recovery Exercises

As an in-season athlete, you need to make sure that you are giving your body enough time to rest with recovery exercises. Football players need to make sure they are constantly stretching throughout the season as well as using a foam roller for different cool down exercises. Don’t be afraid to try yoga or get a massage during the season to work out the kinks that the daily grind may leave behind!

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