JD Core Training


Complete Athlete Strength and Conditioning


“Complete Athlete Strength and Conditioning”


JD Core Complete Athlete Strength and Conditioning is designed to build a strong athletic foundation for all our athletes. Our goal is to have each individual athlete conditioned at their highest level and maintain peak performance throughout the season.


JD Athletes will follow sport specific strength programs that include athletic exercises and conditioning movements that simulate their sport needs. Each JD Core Athlete will be properly motivated to rise above their potential and become leaders in their sport.


JDC Athlete Training:

► One-on-One Personal Training

► Group Training

► Team Training


Programs Include:

► Athlete Strength and Conditioning

► Speed and Agility

► Athletic Development

► Flexibility

► Strength and Movement Fundamentals

► FMS and Corrective Exercise Programs



$199 a month per athlete – 5 or more athletes (Team Rates)

$249 a month per athlete- 3 months

$25 per session